It all starts with intention. Sustainable farming requires less sprays and more hand passes on each vine. Listening in the cellar means working with the fruit, fermentations, and wines on the blending table - guiding them rather than forcing with things like chemical additions, recipes, or any idealistic pragmatism. The creative journey around here means owning everything from collaborative farming, earnestly trying to make the best wine on the table, and even cutting little pieces of paper out to make the labels for the bottles.

It's largely a one person operation. That's me in the photo above - Tom Caruso. I'm a Philadelphia native who worked his way out west and counts himself lucky to have found friends, colleagues, and inspirations all over this industry. Even luckier to have a few of them help out during harvest, bottling, or packing orders.

Thanks for your interest in all of this. I hope you enjoy the wines. It's the privilege of a lifetime to make them.

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