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Pray Tell

2021 Pray Tell Willamette Valley Red Blend 750mL

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Winemakers love to personify wines. It's an easy way to articulate the emotional energy a wine has over us. I can't help myself (and my desire to be an old sea captain speaking about his boat - "she's a beaut!"). I think it's also in part due to the immense amount of story telling and narrative that goes into each bottle. Here's an example for ya...

One of the most celebrated wine regions in France (and the world over) is Burgundy. A place where Pinot Noir and Chardonnay reign supreme - with the regal fan fare and price tags to prove it. But have a closer look at the royal family photo and you'll see a little sibling poking their head from behind the throne and giving bunny ears to the Earl of Pretension. The oft overlooked Passetoutgrain - a wine traditionally made up of a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay (sometimes even Chardonnay and Pinot Gris!) is considered by many to be the fun, approachable, and ambitious value of the region.

In my years of tasting wines, the on-ramp to Burgundy has felt cost prohibitive and rather serious at times. While I do love the pedigree of multigenerational vineyards and cellars and have had the privilege of tasting wines of the highest kingdom/phylum/class/order/genus/species, I've always been charmed by the nature of Passetoutgrains. It's mostly because the two grapes work so dang well together. They are complimentary in so many ways, but just different enough to create some stunning tension in a blend. 

For that reason and because both grapes are truly in their native habitat planted in the Willamette Valley, I've always endeavored to make a blend of the two each year. The 2021 marks the fourth year in a row of the dynamic duo and it's absolutely delicious. While the percentages that make up the blend and even the vineyard sites may change year-to-year, the identity of the wine remains the same. Loads of fruit, florals, spices, and energy jump out of the glass. It's a light to medium body red wine that pairs well with nearly everything, but drinks equally beautifully on its own. 

60% Gamay Noir + 40% Pinot Noir. 100% organically farmed. All natural fermentation. Aged for 12 months in neutral oak, the fresh fruit is the star of the show. 269 total cases produced.