First Wines of the 2022 Vintage Are Here!

First Wines of the 2022 Vintage Are Here!

I found the first Pray Tell release of the year to be a particularly interesting one—made up of wines across three different vintages (2020-2022) and filled with stories of progression, vintage variation, and resiliency. Some of those wines are still available in the online shop. With this second release of the year comes an opportunity to begin narrowing focus on the 2022 vintage. While some of my wines from 2022 continue to age beautifully in the cellar, this earlier expression showcases a vibrancy, intensity, and celebration of something we don’t ever take for granted in winemaking—nature’s cooperation.

When I moved to Oregon ten years ago to make wine, it was interesting to explore what the region was known for. At the time it was mainly Pinot Noir, mostly delicious, and largely shrouded in misunderstanding as every text book or wine reference guide made it a point to dedicate their shortest chapter to the Pacific Northwest. What I found most interesting about Oregon early on was how important the date on the bottle was. I loved learning 2011 was the coldest vintage on record followed by 2012 being the warmest vintage on record (at the time). The wines were alive and a beautiful story was included with just the visible difference of a number. It was a great reminder that the best wines are not a commodity. They’re fleeting and special when not homogenized or made to taste the same every year. Raw and energetic and real. It was and continues to be what Oregon is all about.

There was a moment in the spring of 2022 when our entire winemaking community could hear a pin drop. Bud break had largely occurred around the valley, the sun was shining, and we were off to the races. Then a hail storm came through the region and decimated most vines when they were at their most vulnerable. But true to form, the grape vines proved their resiliency once more—secondary buds pushed past any damaged primary growth and yields remained strong across the region. Contrary to the traditional October rains, the sunshine held out through the third week of the month and lent itself to one of the most special vintages I have had the privilege to experience. With friends and family working together, we made nine different grape varieties from nine different vineyards. Today, I'm releasing Gamay Noir, Mondeuse, Dolcetto, and a red blend of Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon called "Brezza"(which means "Breeze" in Italian). Each wine has a full write up and more technical details on their respective shop pages.

As a winemaker here, there is no recipe. You’re constantly kept on your toes to respond to whatever story nature decides to write that year. It’s paramount in my own cellar to honor that narrative. I do this by listening first. Tasting the grapes, paying attention to sugar, flavors, seeds, and stems. The wines of 2022 have both surprised and delighted in barrel, at the blending table, and now in bottle. There’s a real power and structure to these wines while keeping with my own pursuit of elegance at the forefront. They represent the new intersection of Oregon—unconventional varietals handled with provenance. Maybe they’ll help make that Oregon chapter a bit longer.

Thank you as always for your support and interest in the wines. To share them is a privilege.