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Pray Tell

2021 Pray Tell Rocks District AVA Syrah 750mL

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I first learned about the Rocks District AVA in 2015 at Oregon’s Wine Symposium. At the time, it was presented as being the most heavily researched viticultural area in the country. It sits squarely divided between Oregon and Washington states and what makes it so unique is the lack of topsoil. Instead, the cobblestone rich gravels that line each vineyard row retain heat and allow for power and concentration in the wines that come from it.

For me, the goal posts for Syrah have long been aligned with Northern Rhone expressions. Elegant, perfumed, spicy, and loaded with tension. To achieve that with such powerful source material, I tried to seek restraint in each step of the process. Picking a little brighter, limited maceration, cooler fermentation temperatures, gentle pressing, and aging in a combination of new/neutral oak and terracotta amphora. It's each of these touch points that throttle back the horsepower without forsaking the identity of the varietal. 

I believe this wine to be a lovely representation of what poised Syrah in the US can look like. It's quite friendly out of the gates, but with continued cellaring, its story will continue to evolve and grow in complexity. 

You may notice that I'm drawn to the imagery of doors when it comes to Chardonnay and Syrah. At once because I find they should be an invitation to one and all despite any preconceived notions, but I also believe them both to be wines capable of transporting you so distinctly to where they are grown and how they are vinified.